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Friday Night Movies

Had these two movies on cue for the past week, so thought I’d finally give them both a go last night


The Descendants

This is a George Clooney film, and what is a George Clooney film?  The same as what a Jennifer Aniston movie is… just is.  After sitting through the whole thing, I would clearly not see this in the theater, nor would I recommend anyone I know and care for to do so either.  It’s not that this movie is bad, it’s just that it isn’t anything special.  A few heartfelt moments sprinkled about, surrounded by a simple story-line.  One thing I don’t understand for the life of me, is how this thing was even considered for any awards at the Oscars.

And maybe, just maybe that’s why I even gave this thing a chance to begin with.  To see why it was even brought to mention at one of the most prestigious award events we’ve come to anticipate each year — 4.5 out of 10

The Sitter

I’ve been a fan of Jonah Hill since Superbad, and despite his aim to lose his weight and take on some more serious roles (ala Moneyball), I still feel he is best suited for comedy.

So his single mother wants to go on a date, but her friend that set her up may not be able to go because she has no babysitter for her 3 kids, so in comes Jonah to save the day and give his mom the chance to maybe find love.  But of course that comes with a price, from having a cokehead one-way selfish girlfriend to having to monitor a little girl who looks like a clown for a majority of the movie, a young boy who is in denial about being gay and one pill away from an anxiety attack and a young Mexican boy who they adopted and loves to blow shit up.

I laughed numerous times, and although it wasn’t on Superbad’s level, it still served its purpose.  I thought Karl’s (the drug-dealer) house was hilarious, like pure WTF type shit — 6.5 out of 10

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