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Ha, I think somebody must have been accompanying  me on my trips to Asian restaurants and my struggles with handling a normal pair of chopsticks, having to be the only one to ask for a knife and fork. But voila!  And yes they are real, for the price of

$5.99 US

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[TV] Wednesday’s Lineup

Man, lately I have been getting into quite a number of shows and almost every day has a few that I make sure I try and catch.  My Wednesdays have been the following

Face-Off, Episode 8 (Season 2) ◊  I’m not a huge fan of those ‘competition/judge’ type shows, but there are two that I am currently really into and this is one of them.  Early on, I made the prediction that Tara was my pick to run away with the win after her work on the Scarecrow (all by her damn self!) but she was eliminated last week shockingly.  Last night, as it came down to only 6 artists left, another shocking elimination was handed down and I did NOT see that coming.  Quick notes, my new pick is Rayce or Matt and I cannot stand Sue for the life of me .. I’m picking her to get booted off next

Modern Family, Episode 17 (Season 3) ◊  If you’ve been following me from jump, you’d know how big of a ‘The Office’ fan that I am (and always will be), but since poor Michael Scott’s departure from the show, it has had its moments sadly.  During the time, along came this new nugget of joy.. another show that actually makes me LOL, literally.  My favorite character has got to be Phil Dunphy, hands down.  Last night’s most hilarious moment came at the end when Mitchell says to Cam “In fact, you’re still that sexy little 8-year old I fell in love with..” while this woman and her young son are nearby. I was DYING

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M A R C H | 2 0 1 2

March Cover 2012
Recording Artist – Xtiin Jones
Photography – Kareem Ajani
Hair & Makeup – Karleigh Johnstone
Wardrobe – Maria Espinosa

March 2012, The Return of the Real

So after over a year of absence, I make my return.  I’ve sat back, took some shots here and there and just watched as things happened.. and they definitely did.  But one thing was certain, I truly did miss writing and sharing cool things that I’ve come across in my every day life (whether off or online), so I’m anxious to get that ball rolling again and hope to bring it back to where it was and better!

Not only has my bloggy blog come back to life, but I have revamped my website for your viewing pleasure and hope you enjoy that as well.  My goals in photography have changed ever so slightly, and over time you will see that change even more.  I love art, and I love things with meaning, so blending the two is inevitable.  So you know what you have to do now right? – CLICK THE LINK –

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