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Ha, I think some­body must have been accom­pa­ny­ing  me on my trips to Asian restau­rants and my strug­gles with han­dling a nor­mal pair of chop­sticks, hav­ing to be the only one to ask for a knife and fork. But voila!  And yes they are real, for the price of

$5.99 US

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[TV] Wednesday’s Lineup

Man, lately I have been get­ting into quite a num­ber of shows and almost every day has a few that I make sure I try and catch.  My Wednes­days have been the following

Face-Off, Episode 8 (Sea­son 2) ◊  I’m not a huge fan of those ‘competition/judge’ type shows, but there are two that I am cur­rently really into and this is one of them.  Early on, I made the pre­dic­tion that Tara was my pick to run away with the win after her work on the Scare­crow (all by her damn self!) but she was elim­i­nated last week shock­ingly.  Last night, as it came down to only 6 artists left, another shock­ing elim­i­na­tion was handed down and I did NOT see that com­ing.  Quick notes, my new pick is Rayce or Matt and I can­not stand Sue for the life of me .. I’m pick­ing her to get booted off next

Mod­ern Fam­ily, Episode 17 (Sea­son 3) ◊  If you’ve been fol­low­ing me from jump, you’d know how big of a ‘The Office’ fan that I am (and always will be), but since poor Michael Scott’s depar­ture from the show, it has had its moments sadly.  Dur­ing the time, along came this new nugget of joy.. another show that actu­ally makes me LOL, lit­er­ally.  My favorite char­ac­ter has got to be Phil Dun­phy, hands down.  Last night’s most hilar­i­ous moment came at the end when Mitchell says to Cam “In fact, you’re still that sexy lit­tle 8-year old I fell in love with..” while this woman and her young son are nearby. I was DYING

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M A R C H | 2 0 1 2

March Cover 2012
Record­ing Artist — Xtiin Jones
Pho­tog­ra­phy — Kareem Ajani
Hair & Makeup — Kar­leigh John­stone
Wardrobe - Maria Espinosa

March 2012, The Return of the Real

So after over a year of absence, I make my return.  I’ve sat back, took some shots here and there and just watched as things hap­pened.. and they def­i­nitely did.  But one thing was cer­tain, I truly did miss writ­ing and shar­ing cool things that I’ve come across in my every day life (whether off or online), so I’m anx­ious to get that ball rolling again and hope to bring it back to where it was and better!

Not only has my bloggy blog come back to life, but I have revamped my web­site for your view­ing plea­sure and hope you enjoy that as well.  My goals in pho­tog­ra­phy have changed ever so slightly, and over time you will see that change even more.  I love art, and I love things with mean­ing, so blend­ing the two is inevitable.  So you know what you have to do now right? — CLICK THE LINK -

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